Application to Get a Tutor

Application to Get a Tutor

Welcome to East Stroudsburg University's Tutoring Program!

The University-Wide Tutorial Program (UWTP) is located in the Warrior Tutoring Center in Rosenkrans East. The UWTP provides free tutoring for many 100 and 200-level undergraduate courses.

Please note, if you need assistance with English and/or writing papers ONLY, please go to the Writing Studio in the Kemp Library (

The University-Wide Tutoring Program at East Stroudsburg University offers a variety of tutoring approaches as described below:

Walk-In Tutoring

Tutoring assistance is available on a walk-in basis without the need of an appointment, but you must 'tap' in to each session at the WTC. Tutors are available on specific days and times to assist students in a variety of courses. Some of the courses include Math, Chemistry, Statistics, Biology, History, and Economics. The Drop-in schedule is posted on the bulletin board in the Warrior Tutoring Center Center, Rosenkrans East and online at

Small Group Tutoring

In certain courses, students meet with a tutor in a small group on a weekly basis or as needed. Requests for small group tutoring sessions require a minimum of five students (in the same class or major), but not to exceed 12 students. The Small Group Tutoring Request From is available online at

Learning Assistant's (LA)

A Learning Assistant (Level I) is assigned to a specific class, attends the class with the students and is available for Drop-in and Individualized Tutoring.

Individual Tutoring

Depending on the course, and/or the students’ needs, one-on-one meetings with a tutor on a weekly basis may be arranged for the whole semester. To arrange for individual tutoring, please fill out the form below.

Please note: If you are assigned a tutor on an individual basis, you understand that you agree to meet with your tutor every week whether or not you feel that you need help at that time. Your time, as well as the tutor’s time, is valuable.

If you miss three tutoring sessions without notifying your tutor in advance, you may be dropped from tutoring. (Talking on the phone is NOT considered a meeting!) Please contact the Tutoring Coordinator in Rosenkrans Hall East, if you have any questions or concerns.

Please fill out the following information completely, and a member of the Tutorial Leadership Team should be in contact with you, within two business days: