Mission, Vision, Impacts


The Schisler Museum of Wildlife & Natural History and McMunn Planetarium inspire wonder, exploration, understanding, and stewardship of the natural world through engaging collections, educational programs, and innovative relationships with a diverse community.


The Schisler Museum of Wildlife & Natural History and McMunn Planetarium will become a regional destination and a dynamic educational organization providing engaging, innovative, and memorable learning opportunities to a diverse audience. The museum and planetarium will serve as a model organization for best museum practice in an academic setting and in the wider community.


The four key impacts of the mission statement are presented in strategic order:

  • Wonder Broaden our visitors’ horizons by sharing extraordinary experiences related to the natural world.
  • Exploration Provide an amazing view into the natural world so visitors are challenged and encouraged to discover more.
  • Understanding Guide visitors in grasping new concepts about the natural world and the role of humans in the ecosystem.
  • Stewardship Instill a sense of value and responsibility for the natural world and empower visitors to take an active role in shaping the future.

While it may take only a single encounter with a visitor to achieve the “wow” response of Wonder, it could take several engagements with Exploration and Understanding to prompt them toward Stewardship.

To facilitate these impacts, SMMP treats every encounter as an opportunity to build an ongoing relationship with visitors, effecting substantive and long-lasting impacts on the way that our audience regards the natural world.