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Success Stories

Lauren Moffett worked for the SAA Graphics Center. I asked her what she learned working here that helped her after graduation. She replied that there were “too many to count: time management, working with clients, submitting beautifully designed pieces of work, patience, the list goes on!!!”

Her advice for Graphics Center Student workers is to “Use this opportunity working in the Graphics Center as a starting point for your career! Whether you pursue Graphic Design or not, it’s a valuable experience. I’m thankful I was able to use this job as my starting point, because my employers have seen the hard work I put in and the output of my portfolio was proof that I could complete a project.”

Lauren Moffett '16

Associate Director of Enrollment Management, Cheyney University of Pennsylvania

Stony Acres provided me with a place to escape from everyday college life and get back to nature. I have fond memories of all the different activities there such as climbing, fishing, ice skating, paintball, and camping. Working on the challenge course there provided me with many networking opportunities, and exposed me to different skills and styles of facilitation in the team building industry. It was a stepping stone to where I am now with my teaching style and the way I lead programs and trainings.”

Robb Krug '05

Challenge Course Project Manager, The Adventure Network Inc.

“I believe my experience in college and specifically the time in SAA Business Services has prepared me for the working world.  The practical experience I had in SAA contributed greatly to the development of the necessary skills required for my current job, some of which include data analysis, educating employees on services available to them and getting up in front of a few hundred people and leading them through exercise.  When I started with SAA my sophomore year of college, I was very quiet.  I can remember thinking the hardest part of this job is going to be interacting with people coming to the window.  My role there, along with the guidance of the SAA staff helped me break out of my shell and be comfortable and confident in answering questions and helping people. “

Bernadette “BJ” Clune ’17, Health Fitness Specialist, Health Fitness

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