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Devin Kagel

Hi, I’m Devin! I am currently a senior at ESU. I am an art major going for my B.F.A in Integrated Art and Design, and I am also minoring in Communications. I started working at the graphics center the summer of 2016. I have always been passionate about art and am looking forward to spending a lifetime doing it. Thanks for looking at my work! Check out my personal website

Kevin Wimmer

Hello, I’m Kevin! I am a junior at ESU and am pursuing a BFA in integrated art and design. I have hopes of obtaining a job in the graphic or product design field once I graduate. Consistency is the most important element within my designs. When creating a new piece of work, I stress to myself that its cohesiveness relies heavily on how clean it appears. I create a sense of crisp cleanliness within my pieces through the thoughtful use of negative space. Graphically, I often find myself placing  images or text within the negative space of other components in my design. This use of negative space creates a dynamic interaction between the viewer’s eye and my work as their gaze travels through the composition.
Check out my personal website!

Miranda Davis

Hello there! My name is Miranda Davis. I am a freshman at ESU. I’ve began working at the Graphic Center in the fall semester of 2018. I am a Graphic Design major. I plan to have a massive career as an artist. I have many plans for the future as a graphic designer, artist, writer and animator. My first step begins here. I hope you enjoy my design work.

Amna Khan

Tackle a series of elements/challenges that require groups to share ideas and work together to solve problems. The elements of the course are constructed from cables stretched between trees, suspended tires, logs and/or ropes that necessitate creative solutions. There are both low and high elements on the course. See the program tab for more information.

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