Student Activity Association

Clubs & Organizations

With over 100 clubs and organizations, SAA has a community for you!

From clubs connected to your academic major, to groups in areas of diversity, athletics, arts, and more… SAA provides opportunities to grow in community and leadership with like-minded individuals who care about the same things you do!


WarriorLink is an online resource where you can find all of ESU’s recognized student clubs and organizations. It’s easy to set up:

  1. Go to the WarriorLink site
  2. Log in with your ESU login and password
  3. Take a moment to set up your user profile
  4. Go to the home page and click on “Browse Organizations”
  5. Start searching for organizations of interest by name or category
  6. Request to join an organization by simply clicking “join”

Find a Community



Most academic majors are connected to a club you can join.


A great way to celebrate and share about your traditions and heritage.


Greek Life

Sororities and fraternities across multiple National Umbrella organizations

Learn More

Though not overseen by SAA, Greek organizations are another great community you can join at ESU.



Cultural Sororities:

Cultural Fraternities:


Join a community to explore your political and civic goals.

Special Interests

A wide variety of involvement opportunities for everyone.

Club Sports

There are plenty of active organizations you can join and compete with.

Event Programing

Help prepare events and programs for the entire campus.

Performing Arts

Plenty of opportunities to express your creativity are only an audition away.


Gain professional experience with our  own radio station and newspaper.

Spiritual Life

Find a community who shares your values and traditions.

50 years

Enhancing the Warrior Experience!

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