About Us


Mission Statement:

“The Office of Student Engagement is dedicated to the support of East Stroudsburg University by fostering leadership, synergy, and community through holistic, diverse, and innovative programs and service opportunities which dynamically enhance the Warrior experience.”

Core Values


We foster community by developing spaces for social interaction with entertainment, excursions and activities geared at growing the spirit of community among our Warrior family.


We promote growth by offering resources for leadership development with trainings and experiential learning activities geared at enhancing the influential power of the Warrior mind.


We forge inclusion by crafting initiatives for cultural competency with forums, presentations and eye-opening interactions geared at learning about and celebrating the colorful spectrum of the Warrior identity.


We give back to our community by engaging in social justice programs with service trips and on-campus projects geared at participating in civic engagement cultivating a sense of duty within the Warrior essence.

Meet Our Team

Fernando Alcántar, MA

Fernando Alcántar, MA

Director of Student Engagement

Fernando oversees student activities, commuter student services, leadership programs, and Global Week. He is the advisor for the Commuter Council, and Event Management Organization.

Fernando has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership from Azusa Pacific University, in the Los Angeles, CA area. He published his first book, To the Cross and Back, on November 30, 2015 and continues to speak around the country on issues of leadership, equality, and social justice. He is an avid adventurer, advocate for equality, and leadership enthusiast.

Melissa Ciment, MA

Melissa Ciment, MA

Assistant Director of Student Engagement

Melissa works with student leaders to enhance leadership development and create a transformative experience. She is involved with student engagement initiatives such as Warrior Induction, Homecoming, Family Weekend, Warrior Den, and AWAY trips. She also serves as the Advisor for the Campus Activities Board.Ciment attended ESU at an undergraduate student and has a Bachelor’s of Science in Speech Language Pathology and a Bachelors of Arts in Communication Studies where she was involved in leadership roles in Student Senate and the Campus Activities Board.  She then attended Monmouth University where she earned her Master’s in Student Affairs and College Counseling.

Strategic Goals

Goals 1: Innovative programs

SAA will produce diverse programs that are designed to meet student needs and engagement.  Each program will have purposeful goals planned to meet specific outcomes.  There will be balanced schedule of educational, social, service and wellness offerings with an emphasis on utilizing cutting edge technology and student outreach.

  • The Stony Acres Quest program participants will engage in an interactive, awareness-raising program discussing drug and alcohol issues in collegiate life.
  • Stony Acres will lead efforts to provide education students the opportunity to learn various portable challenge course activities that they can use with children to help them teach a variety of subject matter in elementary through high school settings.
  • SAA will develop and implement an Association-wide Five-Year Assessment Plan focusing on Student Learning Outcomes
  • Continue to build on the success of Global Week and develop the sequel to last year’s successful program with an emphasis on campus wide partnership, involving SAA, Student Affairs, and Academic Affairs.

Goal 2: Excellence in Services

The services provided by SAA will be presented in a warm, friendly, family environment in which exceptional customer service and problem resolution will be emphasized.  The facilities managed by SAA will provide opportunities to spotlight the quality services provided.  All services will utilize state of the art technology in striving to meet the needs of all constituents. while being a vigilant shepherd of student fees.

  • Stony Acres Challenge Course rates will be reduced and refigured to encourage more usage by the ESU community. A comprehensive marketing campaign will be developed using multiple media to make student organizations aware of the new opportunity.
  • SAA will provide a renewed commitment to the to student organization advisors by Increasing connections with new and returning student organization advisors by 50% over the previous year
  • SAA will develop template for conducting departmental Program Review and conduct for the Campus Activities program as a pilot
  • The Campus Card Center will promote and expand the use of the Heartland mobile apps to increase the level of service available through the e-Card.
  • Barnes and Noble will involve ten (10) campus groups in their platform for pop-up store and fundraising through their “Ignite” program.
  • The Recreation Center will conduct an assessment on holistic lifestyles to determine their success in fulfilling their mission statement and determine areas for improvement.
  • Develop a strategic marketing strategy that includes all SAA departments, and increases awareness and participation in SAA programs and services.
  • Through the utilization of the highest professional and ethical standards of accounting, the Business Office will assure that all expenditures of Public Funds are following the guidelines put forth by Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education

Goal 3: Foster Active Leaders

Through formal activities and informal interactions, SAA will be role models for and mentors to students in skill development, conflict resolution and responsible leadership.  As an advocate for students, SAA Programs and services will encourage the development of positive networking and utilization of the resources that promote personal growth.

  • The leaders facilitating the Stony Acres challenge course will learn about individual development through a challenge course experience and the different ways in which growth is fostered.
  • The Recreation Center staff will assist the Club Sport organizations in creating individualized organizational Codes of Conduct to amend into the constitution by May 2017
  • Establish an alternative to the National Society of Leadership and Success that has a more substantial leadership theory curriculum, and that has a distinguishable national recognition.
  • The members of the Student Senate Finance Committee will learn critical thinking and responsible decision-making through their work in the annual student organization budget allocation process.

Goal 4: Enhance the Warrior Experience

SAA will offer programs and services that will allow students to develop connections across campus while embracing the rich cultural diversity of ESU.  These efforts will place an emphasis on encouraging each student to step out of their comfort zone, share their personal experiences while develop their Warrior Pride.

  • In cooperation with the Student Senate, SAA will develop and evaluate a year-long incentive program for student organizations to attend programs and participate in services determined to be a priority for SAA with a 25% increase in participation over the pilot
  • Develop monthly commuter events, including the participation of Commuter Council on campus-wide programs.
  • Develop new programs for Lehigh Valley Center student population to occur five to six times a year
  • Continue to develop Warrior Welcome program as an introduction for new students to programs and traditions which establishes Warrior Pride

50 years

Enhancing the Warrior Experience!

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