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Our offices are currently staffed with limited personnel working remotely. We thank you for your patience during this challenging time. For immediate assistance, contact Jill Hill, Reservations Supervisor

Reservations & Promotional Spaces

University Center Reservations

You may reserve rooms within the University Center for meetings and small events. You may also reserve spaces for fundraising and promotions.

Reserve locations by using Virtual EMS

Promotional Displays

You may reserve promotional spaces such as booths, display cases, and banner display areas around campus.

Policy Guidelines

University Center Reservations Policies

1. Recognized student organizations will be given first opportunity to schedule facilities.  Student groups will be permitted to schedule events for the entire academic year in advance.  Requests will be taken on a first come first serve basis.  Meeting rooms may be scheduled for the entire year on one reservation form.  Please be sure to list all dates for which you will need the room.

2. University departments will be permitted to reserve facilities up to four months in advance.  University departments will not be permitted to make a reservation on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm during the Fall and Spring semesters.  During those times, only student organizations may reserve spaces in the University Center.  Reservations during times when classes are not in session may be made one year in advance.

3. Off-Campus Groups, regardless of affiliation by individual faculty or staff members, may be permitted to reserve facilities up to two months in advance during academic sessions. Off-Campus Groups will not be permitted to make a reservation on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm during the Fall and Spring semesters.  During those times, only student organizations may reserve spaces in the University Center.  Reservations during times when classes are not in session may be made up to six months in advance

4. Reservations must be received at least 48 hours in advance.  Walk-in reservations will be accepted on an as-available basis.  The room must be used as is.  No special arrangements will be made for walk-in reservations.

5. Inquiries of room availability may be made by phone or e-mail, however reservations will not be confirmed until the completed reservation form is submitted and approved.  Reservation forms must be submitted within 3 business days of a phone/e-mail inquiry “Hold”.  If paper work is not submitted within this time period, a courtesy reminder will be sent for the “On Hold” reservation.  If after three (3) additional business days the reservation form is not received, the “On Hold” reservation will be canceled and the facility will be released for other reservations.

6. Should you need to cancel a reservation, please contact the University Center Reservations Desk at least 24 hours in advance.  If a group fails to cancel they may be charged for special arrangements that were made and may be restricted from future use.

7. All rooms will be checked before and after use.  Rooms will be opened and locked by the University Center Staff.  If you find your room is not available or the set-up is not what you requested, please contact the Reservations Supervisor or Evening Building Manager.  If your meeting concludes earlier than scheduled please notify the Information Desk attendant.  It is expected that the room(s) will be left in the same condition in which it was received.  If the room is decorated in any way for your function, please remove all items before you leave.  All decorating must be pre-approved and noted on the reservation form.  Candles are not permitted for any reason.  Extraordinary cleaning will be charged to the group.

8. Various health/sanitation codes, as well as contractual obligations, prohibit groups from serving or bringing outside food or beverages into the University Center facilities.  Depending upon your group’s particular requirements, food and beverage service may be arranged by Aramark at 422-3865.  Aramark (University dining services contractor) is the exclusive caterer for the University.  All food or beverage arrangements MUST be made through Aramark.

9. Appliances, heaters and cooking equipment may not be used in any of the spaces in the building; without prior approval.  There is a microwave oven provided in the commuter lounge.  Audiovisual equipment is permitted.

10. If you require A-V support please notify the University Center Reservations Supervisor at the time of reservation.  All equipment requests should be made with the Instructional Resources.  If you need technical advice, you should contact the Instuctional Resources Center at 422-3501.  Two weeks notice is required for all A-V requests.

11. Please report any facility problems to the Information Desk attendant.  The desk is always staffed during regular operating hours.

12. For specific information concerning each of the available spaces, please refer to the facility description sheet.  If you need a room set-up that is substantially different than the standard room configuration, you may be charged a set-up fee.  Please do not remove or add furniture in any area.

13. The University Center is designed for use by recognized campus organizations and University departments.  Student organizations and University departments will not be charged directly for their own use of the University Center. Room fees will be assessed for any off-campus groups wishing to utilize the University Center, regardless of affiliation by individual faculty and staff members.  Rates for all non-profit groups will be based on the approved fee schedule.  Fees for profit making organizations will be negotiated based on the type of function for which rooms are being reserved.

14. All events in the University Center that are open to the general public, must comply with ADA assistance notification regulations.  All advertising must include the universal sign for accessibility as well as the statement.

ADA LogoFor assistance or special accommodations please call

(name and number of contact person).

If no one contacts you at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance to request accommodation it is not necessary to make contingency arrangements.  Specific questions related to ADA compliance may be directed The Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity at 422- 3656.

15. For general information concerning room reservations and University Center policies, please contact the Reservations Supervisor at 422-3767 or Director of the University Center & Student Activities at 422-3291.

16. The University Center staff reserves the right to relocate a meeting or program to another suitable area if there is an unavoidable scheduling conflict.  We will make every effort to accommodate your original request and provide ample notification.

17. While Common Grounds is a reservable program space, it also functions as a food service venue.  This places certain restrictions on how and when the room may be reserved.  Any function held in Common Grounds during their regular operating hours (Monday – Thursday 8:00 am – 9:00 pm; Friday from 8:00 am – 5:30 pm) must be open to the University Community and your program should not interfere with their staff being able to continue their normal food and beverage service operation.  You should be aware that some of the equipment may be loud from time to time as part of the normal operation.  There is nothing that the Food Service staff can do about this as it is part of their normal operation.  Closed functions can only be held when there is no food service operation.  If the operation of the televisions or the sound system will detract from your program, please ask the Food Service staff to turn off the televisions and the sound system.  If you have a problem, ask to speak to the Food Court manager on duty, the University Center Building Manager or the Director of the University Center & Student Activities.  These elements should not be a distraction from your program.   Additionally, it is your responsibility to ensure that the room is returned to the original/normal set-up at the end of the program.  A floor plan for that set-up is available.  When moving the furniture, please lift the tables and chairs off of the floor.  DO NOT drag them.  This causes excessive damage to the floor.  If the room is not returned to the normal set-up or the floor is found to be damaged due to furniture being dragged, your group may lose your ability to reserve Common Grounds for programs in the future.

18. The Reception Center is specifically designed for special functions that require a formal atmosphere and has a fixed setup with a large conference/boardroom table that is also ideal for lunch or dinner meetings/presentations.  The Reception Center leads to an outdoor balcony that may also be utilized when the weather permits.

19. Alcohol is not permitted in any part of the University Center.

20. Use of the University Center facilities outside of the normal operating hours may be considered on a case by case basis, if there is no other suitable area available on campus. A University Center staff member must be able to be scheduled to work during these hours, so advanced arrangements are imperative.  There may be a charge of $30.00 per hour for staffing the building for programs that occur outside of the normal operating hours of the University Center.

Banner Hanging Policy Guidelines
Locations : University Center Courtyard Balcony, Stroud Bridge, Dansbury Commons, Mattioli Recreation Center.

The University Center Balcony, Stroud Bridge, Dansbury Commons and the Mattioli Recreation Center are available to hang banners related to special events, theme programs, organizations or departments.

Campus groups or departments may submit requests through the Virtual EMS system. Placement space is generally on a first come first serve basis with priority given to student organizations and/or University wide events. Banners must be approved in advance by the Reservations Supervisor in room 211 of the University Center.

Guidelines for hanging banners from the University Center Courtyard Balcony, Stroud Bridge, Dansbury Commons and Mattioli Recreation Center are as follows:

  1. Banners promoting a campus event may be hung no more than two (2) weeks before the event and must be removed no later than one (1) day following the event. No banner may remain hanging for more than two (2) weeks.
  2. A maximum of three (3) banners may be hung on the University Center balcony at any one time. (This will be waived for approved banner competitions.) Only one banner will be approved to be hung on Dansbury Commons, The Mattioli Recreation Center and each side of the Stroud Bridge.
  3. All banners should be professionally made in an aesthetically pleasing manner. All banners must be shown to the Reservations Supervisor prior to hanging for approval. Banners which are not professionally or tastefully made may not be permitted to be displayed. It is important to remember that since this is an outdoor area, all banners should be able to withstand rain. (This policy may be waived for approved banner competitions.) The maximum size of the banner cannot be more than 4 feet x 12 feet. The cost and creation of the banner will be the responsibility of the sponsoring organization/department.
  4. All banners for all locations must be dropped off in room 211 of the University Center to the Reservations Supervisor (1) day prior to start of reservation. Work orders will then be placed by the Reservations Supervisor to have the banner hung up on a specific date and taken down on a specific date. When the banner is taken down, it will be returned to the Reservations Supervisor and must be picked up by the sponsoring group or organization by the following day. Student Activity Association/Facilities Management will not be held responsible for banners not picked up in specific time frames.
  5. The sponsoring group or department will assume any risk of loss and shall hold the Student Activity Association and East Stroudsburg University harmless against all claims.
  6. Banners promoting any type of sale/solicitation must complete a Concession Request Form and receive the approval of the Executive Director of the Student Activity Association (or designee) prior to hanging their banner. This form can be picked up from the Reservations Supervisor.
  7. Reservations can be made up to 365 days in advance. Due to the popularity of the space, one group cannot utilize both sides of the Stroud Bridge; whether for the same event or two different events. A maximum of two locations can be reserved for any one single event.
  8. A group or department can only reserve the same locations once a month for a two week period.
  9. All banner hanging locations may be reserved through Virtual EMS:
    Once you are logged in please choose the reservations option and then choose Promotional Spaces using
    “All” as the Facilities search, 1as attendance and empty as the set up type. This will bring up all banner hanging locations.You may contact the Reservations desk at 570-422-3767 for any additional help.
University Center Foyer Display Policies

The foyer may be reserved by all recognized student organizations and University groups. The following policy applies.

  1. The area may be reserved through the reservations supervisor.  A form must be filled out and confirmed before the date of use. Each student organization may reserve the foyer once a month for fundraising or promotions. Additional reservations may be made not more than 1 week prior to the desired date. Additional forms will be required.
  2. When using the foyer you will be supplied with one table and three chairs. The amount of people at the table is NOT to exceed 3 people at any given time. This includes standing to the sides of the table or approaching people in the foyer. You must remain seated. Notify information desk staff immediately upon termination of use for that day. The table will then be removed. This area is not a meeting spot nor should it be congested at any time. This area is strictly for fund raising, informational materials or events such a student run surveys and promotions.
  3. This table can also be supplied with an e-card reader. This must be done through the Campus Card Center. Please see Bob Smith.
  4. There is absolutely no posting of any flyers or signs on anything other than the front of the table or table top. You cannot post anything on the pillar behind table or information boards to the right or left of table.

Any misuse of this area may result in the termination of any future reservations made by the organization.  If you are not going to use the foyer you must notify the reservations supervisor immediately and if this happens on more than 2 occasions any future reservations will be cancelled and any future requests may not be considered.

Equipment Rental

You may reserve equipment and other resources to help make your event more successful and engaging.

Items Available for Rental
  • Popcorn Machine
  • Bingo Set
  • Holiday Costumes
  • Portable Speakers
  • Casino Night Set
  • Photo Booth
  • Movie Screen

Download the Equipment Use Request Form, fill out, and return to Jill Hill in Room #211 at the Reservations Desk (top floor of the University Center).

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