ESU Success Stories

Gardner ’74 Honored with Lifetime Achievement Award

Mary Pakenas Gardner had a plan. In the spring of 1974, the two most important weekends of her life were just a few days away. She was to graduate from East Stroudsburg University (ESU) first and then a week later she would walk down the aisle on her wedding day. After the wedding, she and her husband, Dean Gardner, were all set to pack their bags and leave for the Peace Corps.

She never expected that a phone call would change her life. A few days before graduating from ESU, Gardner received a call asking if she would be interested in interviewing for a teaching and coaching job at Bloomsburg University.

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ESU Alumni Association to host Annual Alumni and Friends Cherry Blossom Brunch

The East Stroudsburg University Alumni Association will host the annual Alumni and Friends Cherry Blossom Brunch on Sunday, April 3, at the Army Navy Country Club in Arlington, Va. The reception begins at 11 a.m. and brunch begins at noon.

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Criminal Justice Professor Awarded National Grant

At 19 years old, Carrie Maloney sat in a lecture hall at Pennsylvania State University listening intently to a woman who had been exonerated from death row.

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Graduate Student Blazes Path to Success

Blaise Delfino is a busy man. If you’re lucky enough to run into him on ESU’s campus, he’ll either be studying for a speech-language pathology exam, writing a song, or working on his latest invention. There is a lot going on in the young professional’s life, and he is managing to make it work flawlessly.

At a young age, Delfino was immersed in the musical arts. His father taught him how to play the drums at five years old. As he got older, Delfino intensely practiced his instruments, discovering new ones along the way. Eventually, he learned how to play the saxophone and guitar. His abundant knowledge of music and instrumental skills helped him to become a self-taught pianist and singer/songwriter. Though music was a crucial part in his life, he gravitated toward other hobbies.

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Love for Animals Leads ESU Junior to Volunteer in Thailand

Sweat running down her face, Renee Joyal struggled to sleep her first night in Thailand. Used to the comfort of her air-conditioned home, she found herself sleeping beneath a mosquito net in a room over 8,000 miles away from her family and all the comforts her home provides.

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Theatre Alumna Finds Career Opportunities in Los Angeles, Film to Premiere at Pocono Cinema and Cultural Center

Moving to Los Angeles wasn’t something Jenell Manzi ’09 ever thought she would do when she graduated.

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Graduating Computer Science Major Set to Improve Security for the Fortune 1000

Brandon Bachman took a high school class that eventually led him to a six figure starting salary immediately after he steps off the graduation stage at East Stroudsburg University this December.

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History Professor and Student Team Up for Documentaries

Think about what is going on around the world today with our national security and service people — how did we get to this point? What is the history behind it?

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Walker Dances his way to Missy Elliot Music Video

Walker Dances his way to Missy Elliot Music Video

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It’s all about the Money: New Program for Credit Wi$e Warriors

It’s all about the Money: New Program for Credit Wi$e Warriors

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