ESU Success Stories

Eleven Students Participate in European Union Simulation

When the fall 2017 semester ended last December, 11 students at East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania began preparing for the international European Union Simulation (Eurosim). As part of a political science course offered over winter break the students, accompanied by L. Johan Eliasson, Ph.D., professor of political science, participated in Eurosim in Brussels, Belgium from January 4-7, 2018.  The rigorous, four-day exercise strives to enhance participants’ knowledge of international law, the European Union (the world’s largest single market, largest economy, and emerging political union, consisting of 28 member states), negotiating strategy, and diplomatic protocol, by negotiating real life legal and policy problems. The 2018 simulation was held at the Free University in Brussels.

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East Stroudsburg University Celebrates 125th Anniversary

East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania has seen its share of changes in higher education since opening its doors in 1893, and many of those transformations will become part of the institution’s 125th anniversary celebration that begins this month.  ESU’s year-long celebration will kick off on January 22 with a variety of activities taking place inside the University Center, located along Normal Street in East Stroudsburg.

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Poster Project Spreads Message of Inclusion

For her poster in the East Stroudsburg University Inclusion Project, sophomore Chelsea Bacon created pictures of all sorts of families – interracial, same-sex, single parents – as well as an ESU family. She says it’s about making people of different backgrounds feel like they belong. “When you go into certain situations you feel excluded if your family doesn’t look like the picture-perfect family,” says Bacon, an art + design major from Easton.

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Father’s Service to Country Motivates ESU Student

When Sarah Heidecker was growing up, her father often emphasized the importance of education. Today, Sarah is working towards her degree and uses her father’s service to our country as motivation in her educational endeavors. Master Sergeant Joseph Heidecker served…

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Warriors to Watch: Two ESU Grads Aim for Stardom

Jenni-Lyn Williams was nearly eight months pregnant when she flew to Los Angeles to film an episode of the hit ABC television show “Shark Tank” in June. The show’s producers were worried that Williams, who graduated from East Stroudsburg University in 2009, wouldn’t be able to board a plane that close to giving birth. But there was no way she was missing the opportunity to be one of the show’s entrepreneurs competing for business deals and to promote her new company “Snarky Tea.”

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ESU Project Aims to Help First-Generation College Students

Josie Kraemer struggled so much in one of her psychology classes during her junior year at East Stroudsburg University that she almost quit school. A native of the Dominican Republic, Kraemer was a first-generation college student who had enrolled at ESU after years of working and raising a family. “You always have in the back of your mind, ‘I shouldn’t be doing this, I don’t belong here,’” said Kraemer.

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ESU and St. Matthew’s Church Offer Food Pantry for Students Who Are “Food Insecure”

In the spring of 2016, some staff and administrators at ESU began hearing, anecdotally, of students who were going without meals; foregoing food in order to pay rent or other necessities. Naturally this raised concern, and Nancy Weaver, Ph.D., assistant to the vice president for student affairs & office of student conduct and community standards, met with Doreen M. Tobin, D.Ed., vice president for student affairs, to look deeper into this situation. “We asked a bit more and found that even though they may have a job and are going to college, once a student prioritized his or her expenses, sometimes food was on the bottom of the list,” said Dr. Weaver.

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Biology Professor, Student Witness Rare ‘Aleutian Magic’ on Research Voyage

There are veteran marine scientists who never get to see what’s called “Aleutian Magic” – a sudden feeding frenzy of humpback whales and sea birds in the Bering Sea near the Aleutian Islands south of Alaska. East Stroudsburg University junior Leah Bergman and Associate Professor of Biological Sciences Jay Hunt, Ph.D., saw the phenomenon twice while on a three-week research voyage this summer.

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ESU Football Adopts State-of-the-Art Helmet Sensor Technology to Better Monitor Player Head Impacts

ESU’s football program is the first in the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference (PSAC) to adopt Riddell’s InSite Impact Response System – the latest in head impact monitoring technology from the world’s leading helmet manufacturer – which the Warriors will debut in their 2017 season opener at Fairmont State on Thursday night.

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Graduate Student Aids Eradication Effort for Damaging Pest

The exotic-looking spotted lanternfly has the potential to do serious damage to Pennsylvania’s vineyards, fruit trees and timber industry, which is why the research that Kelly Murman, an East Stroudsburg University graduate student, is doing is so important. Murman, a master’s degree candidate in biology, is working this summer with the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture on a study that could help find ways to eradicate the lanternfly before it can spread across the state.

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