Distinguished Professors

General Conditions and Definitions:

The university distinguished professorship is a pre-eminent faculty rank bestowed by the university upon members of the university faculty who have made outstanding contributions to the academic life of East Stroudsburg University in at least one of the following categories: teaching, scholarship, creative endeavor, service to the university or community. The year 2000 marked the inaugural year for this program. Four distinguished professorships were awarded in 2000 and in 2001. Beginning in 2002, the professorship is to be awarded to no more than two faculty members each year.

Nomination and Selection Procedures:

Each academic year faculty members may be nominated by any member of the university community for consideration as a Distinguished Professor in the following academic year. Nominations are made to a committee of appointed and elected faculty members and appointed administrative representatives. Nominations are evaluated and candidates ranked. The names of the final one or two candidates are then sent to the president. The award is bestowed jointly by the president of the university and the president of the faculty association.


The rank of university distinguished professor shall be carried by incumbents until resignation or retirement from the university, subject to the normal standard of continuous high performance. Faculty Emeriti will retain their Distinguished Professor title.